Other Services

On top of website copy, blog posts and Facebook content, we can really turn our hand to any kind of copy. In fact, we have turned our hand to all kinds of content, including:

Newspaper articles, magazine articles, single-sided leaflets, 250+ page hard back books, newspaper adverts, TV scripts, radio scripts, email newsletters, printed marketing letters, printed customer communication letters, online product descriptions, tweets, YouTube titles and descriptions, meta content and more…

We really can do anything when it comes to copy.

If you’ve a copy job that you need help with, just give us a shout. We’ll happily quote. As a guide, we charge £7 per 100 words, but on smaller projects we may have to bump that up. It all depends on research and planning time vs time writing – some smaller projects take more research and planning than longer pieces.

SenseCheck proofreading

We don’t just write copy – we’ve got some amazing eyes for spotting errors or suggesting improvements to existing work. If you’ve got an essay, a business report or indeed anything that you want a professional to take a look at, get in touch. Proofreading services start at £5 per 100 words.

Get in touch to discuss your project today!