Looking for a place to advertise your business online?

We’ve worked with some incredibly talented website designers who offer amazing value packages starting from just £500. (Interested? Send us an email and we’ll put you in touch)

The thing is, £500 can be a hefty sum when you’re a really small business just starting out. Eventually you’ll want a shiny website to show yourself off, but what do you do in the mean time?

You turn to Facebook. No, not to mope about how you can’t afford a website while you look at hundreds of baby photos. A Facebook business page is the perfect starter option to get your business out there in your community and further afield.

There are thousands of these out there. It’s pretty simple to set up a Facebook page for your business, but it’s hard to do it right.

Perfect English isn’t too important for your personal Facebook account, but for your business the occasional spelling or grammar error can really make you look unprofessional. Plus, it’s important you describe your business in the right way – otherwise you’ll just be the same as those other thousands of pages, and if you don’t stand out, no one will care.

So let us set one up for you. For a flat fee of just £50 we’ll create your page (if you don’t already have one) and write you some awesome bio/description copy, so it’s ready to go straight away. We’ll also craft a week’s worth of Facebook posts for you (5 posts), and we’ll email you our guide to using Facebook for business, so you can keep it firing on all cylinders.

This service isn’t just useful for anyone who can’t afford a website. These days every business needs a Facebook page – even if your own website is superb. Without a social media presence, customers will be a little wary, wondering if you still exist, and this extra barrier might stop them getting in touch. It’s also a great place to get customer feedback.

We do offer basic Facebook management for businesses, but we don’t really recommend it as a service. We don’t have the time to monitor your page as often as a business should do – so customers might be left waiting for hours before they get a reply. That’s not what we’d recommend.

What we can do is keep your page ticking over with good content – we’ll share links to relevant content around the web to your page and encourage people to interact. It’s a simple service, starting at £30 per month (including one Facebook post per working day).

Any of this sound interesting? Get in touch to find out more.