Welcome to Sense!

We’re copywriting experts.
We take whatever you sell, whether it’s a product or a service, and we tap into the features that make you different.
Every business has a certain something that makes them stand out.
Our job is to help you find that, and tell it that to the world, to make people want to come and buy from you.

How do we do that? Well that’s up to you.

We specialise in writing website content and blog posts or articles.
We’re also really good at managing social media accounts, writing copy for print including adverts and brochures, and all kinds of other writing too.

We even proof-read, so if you’re convinced you’re the only person who can tell your story, that’s fine.
We’ll at least make sure it’s not got any basic spelling or grammar errors.

Our own speciality is how we use language.
So many people who write copy think that ticking the boxes is all that’s needed.

500 words? Tick.
Unique? Tick.
No spelling mistakes? Job done.

The problem is that everyone sounds exactly the same, and it’s just boring.
How many times have you read the same phrases across any website, no matter whether they’re selling pensions or party bags?
We’ve taken a stand against clichés and stock phrases.
Instead, we’ll make you sound human.
And in the world of online marketing, that’s so important to building trust.

Take a look at our services pages to find out more about how we can help you.
You’ll find our prices there too, just because we like making things super-easy for you.

Get in touch today to check our availability.